"Her mind had gone out for a stroll and fallen down a rabbit hole."

Find me online : @elfscarlett

My name isScarlett and I create costumes and fantasy art.

I'm Portuguese but I live in Liverpool, Uk. 

I have a great passion for artistic and creative activities so I have spent the best part of my life so far trying to learn new skills and techniques such as the following :

  • Patterning and Sewing
  • Clothing Design
  • Clothing Recreation
  • Armour & Prop Making
  • Fantasy and Historical costumery and fitting
  • Makeup Artistry 
  • Body Paint & Special Effects
  • Basic Video Editing and Camera ops
  • Basic Photography and Edition
  • Fine arts : Painting, Sculpting, Drawing, Projecting
  • Performative arts : Music, Dance, Theatre

Besides making costumes I play guitar and I still do some other kinds of performances with dance and theatre when interesting projects come along :)

I Love collaborations! If you're an artist, creator or need creative people for a project feel free to message me about collabs at elfscarlett@gmail.com