"Her mind had gone out for a stroll and fallen down a rabbit hole."

Find me online : @elfscarlett

Heya ! :D

I'm Scarlett and I'm a real sucker for anything related to fantasy worlds.

I have been a weirdo since I can remember and my only escape (since I wasn't very good at making friends) was reading books and watching films about magical realms and other dimensions.

I worked as a model since I was about 3-4 because my fairy godmother used to work in that world and got me many jobs. I also did ballet for many many years.

I started making clothes for my dolls when my nana thought I was old enough to handle a needle and soon after I making my own clothes.When i was about 13-14 years old I was unhappy with the mainstream fashion I had to work with as a model and I was very angry at the extreme body standards from my ballet school. I very into punk and I had no chill as a teenager. I was very inspired by Vivienne Westwood so I wanted to create my own clothing brand and make different things, and make special pieces that people won't use and throw away.

A few years later I heard about cosplay but it wasn't until i was 18 that I went to my first con, because it was almost impossible to finance the ticket, the costume and the travelling expenses associated with going to a Comic Con when I was younger.

My first Con experience was amazing. I got to cosplay Yoko from TTGL with my brother. I got really involved in cosplay since then because my brother was also very into it.

After a good 5 years of mad stuff happening (I created my brand, opened a shop, then opened a bar, started working as a "professional" cosplayer, toured for a year around comic cons....) I stopped for a while, but now i am sure of what I want to work on as a costume designer & maker, I aspire to better myself in all the crafty techniques and keep bringing amazingness from the fantasy world to this one! :)

Besides making costumes I play guitar and I still do some other kinds of performances with dance and theatre when interesting projects come along :)

I Love collaborations! If you're an artist, creator or need creative people for a project feel free to message me about collabs at elfscarlett@gmail.com